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Experience sheer driving pleasure and luxury in our 2018 BMW X6 M Competition Supercharged. Boasting a massive 800HP engine and seating for five, this elite SUV is primed for thrilling journeys through the picturesque landscape of Ibiza.

The X6 M Competition Supercharged exemplifies BMW's dedication to top-notch performance and luxury. Its superior engineering ensures a smooth yet powerful drive, turning your travels into an extraordinary experience.

As part of our commitment to providing a seamless and transparent service, our rental package includes a generous 150km daily mileage allowance. If you need to go beyond this limit, additional kilometres are priced at 8 euros each.

A security deposit of 2500 euros is required, assuring a stress-free rental experience. All our prices include VAT, so there are no hidden costs.

The rental fee for this exquisite machine stands at 550 euros for a single day. If you choose to rent the BMW X6 M Competition Supercharged for 2 to 5 days, the daily rate drops to 500 euros. For rentals lasting 5 days or more, enjoy an even lower rate of 450 euros per day.

Elevate your Ibiza adventure with the pure power and luxury of the BMW X6 M Competition Supercharged. Secure your rental today and transform your trip into a thrilling journey!

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