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The Land Rover Defender 130, presented by IbizaLifeStyleNow, embodies the spirit of exploration combined with luxury. It's a car for the adventurer who doesn't want to compromise on comfort. Known for its rugged exterior and plush interiors, the Defender 130 promises to take you on journeys that are both exciting and indulgent.


Doors: With its 5-door configuration, the Defender 130 assures accessibility without sacrificing its iconic design.

Passenger Capacity: With space to accommodate up to 7 passengers, it's the ultimate choice for those family trips or group outings in Ibiza. Everyone travels in sheer comfort, wrapped in luxury.

Luggage Space: Whether it's your camping gear or those special souvenirs from your trip, the ample luggage space for 4 items ensures that nothing gets left behind.

Transmission: Smooth, efficient, and powerful - the automatic transmission of the Defender 130 offers a superior driving experience tailored for both city roads and rugged terrains.

Air Conditioning: No matter how challenging or hot the outside environment, the state-of-the-art air conditioning keeps the interiors breezy and cool.

Driver Requirements: The Land Rover Defender 130 is reserved for the discerning drivers aged 30 and above, boasting a minimum of 5 years of driving expertise.

Why Choose the Land Rover Defender 130?

If you're in Ibiza and want a ride that can seamlessly blend with its diverse terrains, the Defender 130 is your go-to choice. Its capability to tread all paths, coupled with lavish interiors, makes it the dream ride for many. Enhance your exploration with our Houses for Rent service, ensuring you have a luxurious place to relax after a day's adventure.

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