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Navigate the enchanting roads of Ibiza in the extraordinary 2019 Mercedes Benz G Class AMG 63 V8 Biturbo. Our superior car rental service invites you to relish the raw power and lavish comfort of this iconic SUV, adorned with a sleek black and grey finish.

The G Class AMG 63 V8 Biturbo is a symbol of unrivalled performance and luxury. Its robust 575HP engine, combined with an opulent interior and seating for five, makes it the ultimate choice for those wanting to traverse Ibiza in high style.

Our rental package guarantees your freedom of exploration with 150km included per day. For those intrepid explorers wishing to venture further, extra kilometres are a mere 8 euros each.

We offer a secure service with a 3000 euros deposit for your peace of mind. Our rental prices are transparent and all-inclusive, with VAT already factored in.

For those looking to take the G Class AMG 63 V8 Biturbo for a spin for just one day, the rate stands at 550 euros. Opting to extend your journey for 2 to 5 days lowers the daily rate to 500 euros. For the long-term thrill-seekers intending to rent for 5 or more days, the daily rate reduces further to 450 euros.

Experience the sheer power and luxury of the Mercedes Benz G Class AMG 63 V8 Biturbo in Ibiza. Book your rental today and elevate your Ibiza adventure to the next level!

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