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Experience the epitome of modern sailing luxury and performance aboard the EVO R4 AURORA, a magnificent vessel that promises an unforgettable journey on the open waters. Crafted with precision in 2019, this sailing masterpiece is a harmonious blend of high-performance capabilities and luxurious comfort designed to elevate your seafaring adventures to new heights.

Measuring an impressive overall length of 13.04 meters and boasting a generous beam of 4.45 meters, the EVO R4 AURORA provides abundant space for you and your companions "To relax and enjoy the beauty of the sea." With a minimal draught of just 0.6 meters, this vessel is incredibly versatile, allowing you to navigate even in shallower waters, uncovering hidden coves and pristine beaches that are off-limits to larger boats.

The heart of this magnificent vessel lies in its power, driven by the formidable 2x Volvo Penta IPS 600 engines. These engines ensure a comfortable cruising speed of 24 knots and can propel the EVO R4 AURORA to an exhilarating top speed of 38 knots. Balancing performance with efficiency, the boat maintains a fuel consumption rate of approximately 150 litres per hour, making it an eco-conscious choice for the discerning traveller.

Whether planning an intimate voyage with a loved one or a lively gathering with friends, the EVO R4 AURORA offers a versatile passenger capacity, accommodating 11+1 passengers. Your adventure begins at the enchanting MARINA IBIZA, a comfortable homeport where you can quickly embark on your nautical escapade.

The interior layout of the EVO R4 AURORA is designed to provide both luxury and convenience. The boat features a well-appointed cabin with two separate beds, ensuring a peaceful and restful retreat during your journey. A modern bathroom is also available, equipped with all the amenities you need for comfort.

Entertainment and connectivity are never far away, as the EVO R4 AURORA comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, a bathing platform for easy access to crystal-clear waters, and a television for those moments when you want to unwind indoors. Soft drinks refresh you throughout your voyage, ensuring your every need is catered to.

"If you are looking for an extraordinary and thrilling experience, look no further." the EVO R4 AURORA offers the added thrill of a Seabob. This high-performance watercraft allows you to glide effortlessly through the sea, adding an exciting dimension to your journey as you easily explore the underwater world.

To make your voyage even more enticing, the EVO R4 AURORA offers competitive rental rates for 2023. Depending on the time of year, you can embark on this extraordinary adventure with rates as follows: In May and October, the daily rate is 2,155.00€. In June and September, it's 2,530.00€ per day. During the peak months of July and August, you can experience the pinnacle of luxury at a rate of 3,000.00€ per day. These rates include Total risk Insurance, mooring in the base port, and VAT at 21%.

It's important to note that while the rental price covers many amenities, Fuel and Seabob usage is omitted. Additionally, the client will be responsible for any costs incurred due to bank commissions for transfers or credit card fees.

 The EVO R4 AURORA is not just a boat; it's an invitation to embark on a journey where every moment is a beautiful encounter with the sea. Whether seeking exhilarating speed, tranquil relaxation, or underwater exploration, this luxurious sailing vessel is the perfect companion for creating lasting memories and cherished experiences on the water. Take advantage of the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of the EVO R4 AURORA and set sail on a voyage of a lifetime.

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