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ITALYURE Summer Vibes

Experience the Ultimate Summer Vibes with ITALYURE

Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey across the glistening waters with ITALYURE Summer Vibes. Designed to encapsulate the essence of summer, this boat promises a ride and a full-fledged experience that will leave you with memories to cherish. With its modern aesthetics and powerful features, the ITALYURE Summer Vibes is your ticket to an idyllic summer getaway.

Specifications that Impress

The ITALYURE Summer Vibes boasts impressive specifications that ensure a smooth and exhilarating voyage. This 2022 beauty stretches to a hull length of 11.65 meters and has a beam of 3.59 meters, providing ample space for you and your fellow adventurers. Powered by 2x M3.0 Mercruiser engines, each delivering a robust 270 horsepower, this boat guarantees performance and reliability. Equipped with a Joystick, navigating the seas becomes a breeze, making it suitable for seasoned sailors and novices.

Additionally, the boat comes prepared with a substantial fuel capacity of 700 litres and a water capacity of 300 litres, ensuring that you can enjoy an extended day out on the water without worry. Despite its power and capacity, the ITALYURE Summer Vibes maintains a dry weight of 7.5 tons, making it agile and efficient on the waves.

Designed for Group Excursions

The ITALYURE Summer Vibes is not just about power and performance; it's designed to be your perfect companion for group outings. With a passenger capacity of 11 guests plus the captain, you can gather your friends and family for a day filled with laughter, relaxation, and adventure. Whether you're celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking to escape the daily grind, this boat offers the ideal setting.

Rates that Make It Accessible

Everyone should have the opportunity to savour the magic of the sea. That's why we've priced the ITALYURE Summer Vibes at rates that won't break the bank. During the Low Season, you can experience the summer vibes for just €2,000.00 + VAT, and in the High Season, it's still an affordable €2,200.00 + VAT. We aim to make your dream of a sea adventure a reality.

Inclusive Services for Your Comfort

To ensure that your journey is nothing short of extraordinary, we provide a range of inclusive services. Your adventure will be led by an experienced captain who knows the seas like the back of their hand. You'll also find a selection of soft drinks on board, including water, Coca-Cola, Fanta, and snacks like chips and peanuts to keep you refreshed throughout the day.

Additional Enhancements for Your Pleasure

While our standard package is designed to provide an incredible experience, we understand that some adventurers seek an extra thrill. That's why we offer optional extras on request. Elevate your journey with alcoholic drinks, adding an extra layer of fun to your voyage. Consider the thrilling Seabob or the exciting Lift Foil for those craving an adrenaline rush.

Reserve Your Slice of Paradise

Take the chance to experience the ITALYURE Summer Vibes. Its power, comfort, and host of included amenities make it the perfect choice for an extraordinary sea adventure. Leave the navigation to our capable captain and unwind while sipping soft drinks and savouring snacks. Your summer memories await aboard the ITALYURE Summer Vibes, so make your reservation today and let the sea breeze carry your worries away.

Summer is here, and ITALYURE is ready to make it unforgettable. Don't miss out on the Summer Vibes – book your adventure now!

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