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Mangusta 108 - LE MAGNIFIQUE

Elegance, style, and luxury reach their zenith aboard the "LE MAGNIFIQUE," a magnificent Mangusta 108 yacht that graces the seas with its presence. Stretching an impressive 33.5 meters, this jewel of the maritime world underwent an exquisite refit in 2022, redefining the standards of contemporary luxury yachting. Let's embark on a journey to explore the sheer luxury and comfort that LE MAGNIFIQUE has to offer.

As you step on board, you're immediately enveloped by a serenity. The yacht's interiors are bathed in a soothing cream hue, creating an atmosphere of tranquillity that is perfect for unwinding. Meticulously designed, the furnishings are nothing short of art pieces, harmonizing with the yacht's overall ambience.

The interior spaces are a testament to the seamless blending of indoor and outdoor living. LE MAGNIFIQUE provides a sense of openness rarely found on yachts of this calibre, making it the ideal choice for those who appreciate maritime living at its finest.

Spacious Accommodations

This luxury vessel features spacious cabins that can comfortably sleep up to eight guests, making it an ideal option for larger groups or families. A perfect choice for families or an intimate gathering of friends. However, the true highlight is the expansive Master Cabin, a sanctuary of opulence that rivals even 40m+ yachts in its luxury offerings. It boasts an adjoining dining area, an ambient salon with a retractable sunroof, and an array of state-of-the-art amenities.

Guests will find large flat-screen TVs, an extensive Apple TV film library, and a comprehensive Sonos sound system, ensuring entertainment and relaxation are always within reach.

Outdoor Oasis

Outdoors, LE MAGNIFIQUE continues to delight. The private foredeck offers a sun-soaked haven where you can bask in the Mediterranean sun, taking Take in the stunning panoramic views that extend as far as the eye can see.". For those seeking a more formal setting, the al fresco dining area is perfect for enjoying picturesque dinners under the open sky.

Adventure on the Waves

If adventure beckons, LE MAGNIFIQUE has you covered. The yacht has an exciting array of water toys, ranging from jet skis to paddleboards, ensuring that thrill-seekers can make the most of their time on the water. There's no shortage of exhilarating fun to be had throughout your journey.

Seamless Service

At the heart of this maritime masterpiece is a dedicated and experienced five-person crew. Their mission? To curate impeccable onboard experiences, ensuring your journey is as effortless as it is unforgettable. From navigating the seas to attending to your every need, the crew of LE MAGNIFIQUE is committed to providing top-tier service.

Unforgettable Voyages from Refined Interiors


Located in the Mediterranean's heart, Ibiza is the perfect starting point for your luxury yacht adventure aboard LE MAGNIFIQUE. This magnificent vessel is powered by the latest MTU engines, offering cruising and maximum speeds that promise swift and exhilarating voyages.

Enhance Your Experience

To elevate your experience further, consider complementing your yacht voyage with our VIP Protective Service. Safety and security are paramount; our team is dedicated to ensuring peace of mind throughout your journey.

For those with a discerning palate, indulge in gourmet delights with our Private Chef and Catering service. Savour delectable cuisine tailored to your preferences, and allow your taste buds to embark on their culinary adventure while you cruise the Ibizan waters.

In conclusion, LE MAGNIFIQUE, a Mangusta 108 yacht, represents elegance, style, and luxury. Its refined interiors, spacious accommodations, outdoor oasis, and adventurous offerings are surpassed only by the seamless service provided by its dedicated crew. 

Whether you seek relaxation, adventure, or both, this yacht promises an unforgettable voyage through the stunning waters of Ibiza. It's time to embark on your luxury odyssey and discover LE MAGNIFIQUE's magic.

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