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Sergio Solany: A Legacy 25 Years in the Making:

Starting Young, Starting Strong: Sergio Solany, deeply rooted in the corridor of Henares, embarked on his journey as a DJ 25 years ago. At the tender age of 18, an insatiable curiosity for electronic music and an allure for the DJ booth saw him commence his stint at his first club.

A Tour through Madrid's Nightlife: Over these years, he has graced numerous clubs, from the heart of Madrid to the corners of his residence, Alcalá de Henares. With prominent clubs like Lab Madrid, Groove Dance Club, Sala Lio, Pirámide, and MayDay, he left an indelible mark, becoming a resident DJ in many.

Sharing the Stage with the Best: His incredible talent led him to share the console with distinguished national DJs, such as Dj Neil, Cristian Varela, Angelsanchez, and many more.

Versatile in the Booth: Sergio's profound love for electronic music makes him remarkably adaptable. Depending on the club's vibe, he tailors his set to fit perfectly. However, his heart resonates most with genres like house, tech house, afro house, techno, and Remember. Regardless of the genre, his prowess is nothing short of spectacular.

The Unique Sergio Solany Touch: What sets his sessions apart are the meticulously crafted mixes, marked by uplifting crescendos that are harmonically structured and beautifully layered. A treat to the ears, and a jolt to the soul.

Experience the sonic euphoria Sergio Solany brings to every event. With him on the console, you don't just hear the music; you feel it coursing through your veins. Make your event unforgettable. Secure your date now.

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