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Crafting Sonic Journeys: OBERON BEATS:

Initial Sparks of Passion: From a tender age, music was not just a hobby but an unmistakable calling for OBERON BEATS. It didn't just catch his interest; it captured his heart.

Turning Passion into Profession: 2012 was a pivotal year. The acquisition of his first controller was not just a purchase; it was a commitment. From that moment, he knew his destiny was intertwined with music - both in producing irresistible tracks and spinning them to captivated audiences.

Experience that Speaks: From private parties that needed the perfect musical touch to neighborhood festivities like the "hoguera de San Juan" or the vibrant celebrations of "La Fortuna", OBERON BEATS has been the go-to name for an event to remember.

Diverse and Versatile: While his main expertise lies in the beats of UK Garage, Tech House, Techno, Drum and Bass, Afro, Trap, and Funk Carioca, he's no stranger to other genres. Whether it's the rhythm of Reggaeton, the energy of Dembow, the intensity of Drill, the flow of Rap, or the vibes of REB, OBERON BEATS knows how to make the decks come alive.

Looking for a DJ who understands not just music, but the very heartbeat of a party? OBERON BEATS is your answer. From intimate gatherings to massive events, expect nothing but the best. Follow him now and bring your event to life!

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