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Experience Ibiza in the grandeur it deserves, behind the wheel of the Lamborghini Urus, exclusively presented by IbizaLifeStyleNow. Dubbed the world's first Super Sport Utility Vehicle (SSUV), the Urus offers the exuberance of a supercar and the versatility of an SUV.


Doors: Four elegantly designed doors grant you access to a realm where luxury meets unmatched performance.

Passenger Capacity: The Urus is meticulously crafted with a cabin that accommodates four passengers, ensuring each one experiences the spine-tingling thrill Lamborghini promises.

Luggage Space: With room for four pieces of luggage, your adventures around Ibiza needn't leave any essentials behind.

Transmission: A state-of-the-art automatic transmission ensures that the beastly power of the Urus is always at your fingertips, ready to roar at a moment's notice.

Air Conditioning: Whether tearing up the streets or cruising down the coastline, the advanced air conditioning system promises optimal comfort.

Driver Requirements: The power of the Lamborghini Urus requires seasoned hands. Drivers must be aged 30 or over with a minimum of 5 years of refined driving experience.

The Urus Experience

The Lamborghini Urus redefines the SUV category, making every journey an event. Every corner of Ibiza becomes a racetrack, every vista a photo finish. Elevate your Ibiza experience by commanding the raw power and luxury of the Urus.

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