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DC-10 Ibiza is more than a nightclub; it's an experience, a cornerstone of Ibiza's vibrant clubbing history and a beacon of the underground music scene. Established in 1999, DC-10 started as an off-the-beaten-path venue tucked away in an old aircraft hangar at the end of the Ibiza airport runway. Its secluded location and open-air garden parties quickly captured the hearts of clubbers worldwide, and DC-10 became synonymous with the authentic, unadulterated spirit of Ibiza nightlife.

The club broke away from the glitzy, more commercial entertainment spaces on the island, offering an intimate setting where the music did the talking. While Ibiza's other clubs were massive venues boasting state-of-the-art light shows and VIP areas, DC-10 stood out with its rustic simplicity and focus on sound quality, an approach that resonated deeply with music purists.

DC-10 is renowned for its legendary Monday daytime parties - Circoloco. These parties have become an institution in themselves, starting in the late morning and carrying on well into the night, attracting a diverse crowd of music lovers and industry insiders. Other noteworthy events include Paradise, Jamie Jones's techno party, and Game Over's party brand ONE NIGHT STAND, both of which have contributed to DC-10's worldwide fame.

The physical space of DC-10, with its iconic red and white-striped walls, adds to the venue's unique character. An outdoor terrace allows you to dance under the stars while the club's booming sound system, renowned for its clear and resonant sound, enhances the overall clubbing experience. Despite its global acclaim, DC-10 maintains an intimate setting, with a capacity of just 1500 people, a stark contrast to Ibiza's usual mega-clubs.

We understand that a seamless experience is crucial to enjoy what DC-10 has to offer, and thus, we provide VIP tables and tickets service. Our comprehensive service includes arranging for private security and transfers to and from DC-10 from your villa, ensuring a stress-free and memorable night out. With us, you can enjoy an exclusive, carefree clubbing experience, immersing yourself in the authentic essence of Ibiza nightlife at DC-10, an unforgettable journey through music and dance.

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