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Harness the power of the sea and experience an aquatic thrill like no other on the Sea-Doo WAKE PRO 230. Renowned as one of the most stable rides in the jet ski market, the WAKE PRO 230 combines precision, versatility, and an array of state-of-the-art features, delivering an unmatched water sports experience in Ibiza.

The WAKE PRO 230's Rotax 1630 cc ace engine churns out 230 HP of power, allowing you to swiftly glide across Ibiza's azure waters. With a generous fuel capacity of 60 liters and room for three passengers, this jet ski is ready for a full day of exciting water exploration.

Notably, this model boasts an eco mode ideal for serene excursions, while its sport mode lets you adjust acceleration and speed profiles, perfect for wakeboarding and skiing launches. Its premium Bluetooth + USB audio system, LCD screen, and waterproof mobile compartment make it an excellent choice for tech-savvy adventurers.

Our daily rates for the WAKE PRO 230 are competitive and offer discounts for longer rentals. Rates start at €390 for a single day, dropping to €350 per day for a 2-5 day rental and €320 per day for rentals extending beyond five days. The deposit is €1500.

We also offer special services, such as Basic Rental with Monitor and Premium Collection at Home, to enhance your jet ski experience. Whether you're looking for a calm tour of Ibiza's coastal gems or seeking the thrill of high-speed water sports, the Sea-Doo WAKE PRO 230 is the perfect companion for your adventure.

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